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  1. It's in the parking lot just next to work....
  2. Totally a good thing btw, the move. New job down there with the State
  3. I'll miss you all too! Just as the kids were getting old enough for me to not feel bad leaving them with Sarah for game night.....
  4. Forgot to post earlier.. I'm moving to Olympia today! One thing not coming with me: xwing Free to anyone that wants it, random assortment of stuff, but a deadline is a few hours before it ends up in a dumpster. Mostly imperial stuff a p1 and 2.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1597195273712506&substory_index=0&id=346117498820296 Apparently we're getting a GW store? Anyone know anything about it?
  6. Genestealers sound like they will be pretty good. I might take my Nids outta storage and get in a game or two when 8th drops. My favorite thing ever was 50 stealers on the table. They may play differently (outflank is what made that many awesome), but still sound like lots of fun. Mostly I'm curious to see how transports/vehicles vs nid MCs ends up playing out. Now that they're on the same general ruleset, they should interact with the game more similarly. The rule for Subterranean Assault also makes me pretty gleeful. I have always wanted the rule to work out along those lines. And
  7. Similar really, but for Genestealers. I loved my 50 genestealers in 5th.
  8. I just realized.... what if Pyrovores become good with their rules? Or if Subterranean Assault actually works? I'm super excited all of a sudden. Though, as a Nid player I should really keep my expectations reined in.
  9. Now I'm wondering if Preferred Enemy is going to be reroll 1s, or +1 to hit.... Also, is there the 1s always fail rule in AoS?
  10. I love the Power Level stat personally. Great way of just rounding off a point value for quick simple play. Wouldn't want to touch it when I'm being competitive for sure, fine tuned points will win out there. But just a, "Hey, I haven't played in 3 years and am looking to get back into it, grab a 100 power level game?". Means I don't have to get bogged down with which upgrades to take, I can mix the upgrades as I see fit to try things out, and get on the table in minutes. I see it as a fantastic middle ground. Also would help with newer people. Remember how intimidating list build is
  11. I'm thinking about Tyrannocites.... Maybe the weapon upgrades will be worth it. Can't wait to see those weapon stat lines.
  12. Shooting different weapon profiles at different units is exciting. I mean.... I doubt Tyranids will make much use of it, but it'll be fun to see mixed weapons in the squads I'm up against. This could make Warriors more interesting too. Warriors may actually get really good. T4 to get you over that hurdle, no more doubling out (at least I think it's gone? Unless it just becomes multiple wounds), now you can toss a bio-cannon in there and it isn't just a waste... Probably the same statline as marines plus a couple wounds, and still 4+ save I imagine. And it makes me wonder about trading Nid
  13. I feel mixed on Morale. It will punish hordes pretty hard, combining a generally low LD with being squishy. And while they may get rules to minimize this (Mob Rule, Synapse, etc..) the more rules there are that ignore it, the less impactful it is anyway. And if ATSKNF modifies it (that doesn't seem like a crazy assumption) then the majority of armies played will be able to reduce the impact it has on the game. On the flipside, I do appreciate that even close checks will impact high point cost, multi wound model units. Failing by 1 and losing a paladin feeds my grudge against paladins. It
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