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  1. I have gotten the minimum amount of players to make the game a reality. I still have room for a few more players if anyone is interested. Just reply here or send me a PM. The sooner the better, and the sooner you talk to me you will be able to help decide what we play!
  2. Welcome! I haven't decided which game. What I thought I would do is get those together who are interested and we can decide what to play. Personally I like all of them.
  3. I have two people interested, with a possible third. Anyone else interested? Doesn't matter if you have the books, or know nothing about the system. I will help on both counts.
  4. Welcome any interest! FFG did recently come out with a second edition of Dark heresy. I don't mind any of the games, just want to game lol. If you get your oldest interested that would be great as well! At the moment I m leaning towards Red Castle, only because it is a lot closer for me, but Game Room is still fine. I have been to the Game Room and they do have electronic gaming, but they also hve tables for table top games.
  5. Thanks again for mentioning Red Castle Games. I went down there today, and will be holding it there.
  6. I completely understand. And thanks for telling me about Red Castle.
  7. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but when I have gone out to the Game Room in the past I go out I-84 and have driven past Guardian Games. If your interested I could always pick you up there, or Lloyd Center. Same with coming back, I could bring up somewhere where you could catch the Max. If your interested.
  8. Besides players, my biggest issue has been finding a location. I would have gone with Guardian Games, but I think they close at 8 pm on sundays, and I can't be there any earlier than 6 pm. If anyone has any other location suggestions, something more central (I am in Troutdale), please let me know.
  9. Sorry to hear that Paxmiles. Where are you located?
  10. Hello All, I am trying to put a group together to play one of Fantasy Flight Games' Warhammer 40k RPGs (Deathwatch, Only War, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy 1st or 2nd edition, Black Crusade). I am planning for the game to be two Sunday nights a month from 6 or 6:30pm until 10pm. The planned location is the Game Room in Milwaukie. I currently only have myself and one other person interested. I would prefer to be a player, but if needed I will GM the game. So, is there anyone interested?
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