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  1. Wow @Dark Trainer thank you so much!!! It is ON the calendar!! 😁😁😁
  2. Hello everyone! So I'm super bummed I am going to miss this event, but i want to be sure to block it out for next year (we are ALREADY planning next summer's events in my house 😱) what weekend will OFCC be in 2020? Thanks! -Jiddyman
  3. Hello follows! 🙂 need to clear out some old models! Haves: Space Marines: - Reiver Squad x10 man (NOS) $40 Imperial Knights: NIB Imperial knight canis Rex set (missing avenger gatling cannon & canis rex upgrade sprue)- $100 NOS Armiger Helverin x2 $50 Also have: Hordes Skorne Battle group starter set, primed partially painted, $15 Thanks for looking!
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