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  1. 35 minutes ago, Lyraeus said:

    IT has been a while! 


    Yea I can teach. 

    I have Necrons these days though I know you love my Orks (Relic Shokk Attack Gun is GOne)

    Lets say 1k in points?

    Hey man! 

    Im down! Made a 1k list with the new points in BattleScribe. Don’t have the rules yet...but I’ve watched a few bat-reps. Basically seems like 8th with new objectives and new terrain rules. 


  2. On 11/19/2019 at 2:50 AM, paxmiles said:

    ^That's what I'd be interested in playing. That sounds fun.

    ^this doesn't sound as fun, and keeps sounding less fun with each additional "surprise" modification. I don't really want to play the army that you pick, I want to play my own army. I don't feel that I should have to "make a case" to play my army the way I want. If that's really unreasonable, then count me out.

    Just jumping in to stir the pot.....

    I don't think it's a HUGE deal if a big super demon comes into a smaller game. Not all armies pair down well to smaller games, demons have always been a bit elite / funky. Your opponent will more or less know ahead of time what to expect. You just don't get to be sour grapes if they bring a couple canons 🙂 

  3. 9 hours ago, Hodor said:

    I can do 2,000 points.  (100% painted 😂 but no judgement).

    What time are you thinking?  

    I could also bring Warcry (50% painted terrain) for something before/after.

    Haha great! How about when the doors open at 3?

    i haven’t played warcry but I’d be down to watch a game. 

  4. 1 hour ago, TheBeninator said:

    Interesting...I picked mine up at a model train store, but this might be the same thing. It’s literally a very fine powder. You can apply it with a dry brush. Just scoop some where you’d like it with the brush, then use the brush to rub it into the model where you want to see the effect. Use a tad more than you think you need, a lot falls off in the process (so do it over something like a box top so you can collect and re-use it) but what sticks really stays on well.

    You get a really nice mat effect. I use it a lot for 40k vehicles and weapons (black and rust colored powders show nicely on metallic colors) but you could totally do the same with fantasy. Anywhere you want rust or dirt. It’s sort of a ‘softer’ effect than washes (which I also love).

  5. 3 hours ago, ninefinger said:

    That sounds rad!


    if y’all are around on Friday, and not doing other events, there should also be open table space at ofcc, for what it’s worth. 

    That’s a cool idea! He flys in Friday so maybe we’ll play it by ear. But good to know!

    are there certain times open tables are available for? 

  6. Hey all!

    I have a buddy coming to town next weekend for OFCC and we’re planning to get in a 1,500 point  game of Warmaster on Monday the 19th, probably at Guardian. Bretonians vs Orcs and Goblins!

    Warmaster is one of my favorites and I would love to get more games in. If anyone is warmaster-curious and wants to watch a game let me know!

    I’ll try and post some pictures of the game. 

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