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[H] Alot of misc stuff 40k and WFB [W] Khador, Retribution, $


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Hey gang,


I've discovered Warma/hordes and I'm pretty hooked.  So I'm clearing out my older 40k projects to make room.  I'm going to post a list of items with prices, but if you want to negotiate about the price I'll listen to a reasonable offer. 


Wants:  Almost anything Khador and the same for Retribution.  Otherwise cash is good so I can buy the same.






Pending - 2x Valkyrie (In Shrink wrap) $55 ea. or $100 for both.

1 unit of 10x Dark E. Warriors (NOS) $20

1 unit of 8x Dark E. Wyches (NOS) $10




1x Unit of Grey Hunters (Painted w/ mag Plas and banner) $20

1x Unit of Grey Huners (Painted w/ mag Meltas and banner) $20

1x Fully painted Drop Pod (Doors do open) $18

Pending - 6x Drop pods (Partially assembled and painted) $18ea The Lotus, Harness and Engine are all built but separate 

1x Grey Hunters (In Shrink wrap) $25

1x Tac Squad (In Shrink wrap) $25  The one without the grav gun

1x Rune Priest (Bare Resin) $10

1x Librarian (Bare Resin) $10

1 unit of 5x painted Flesh Tearers (Mag melta and sgt.)  $10





1x Empire General (NOS) $15

2x Bretonnian Men At Arms (In Shrink Wrap) $20 ea

2x Dark Elf assassins $8 ea


I also have tons of bits from the following boxes

Any IG Cadian kit

Bret Men at Arms

Skaven Plague Monks

Grey Hunters

Space Marines


Here is a picture to sample the painting of the units listed as painted.


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