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H: Skaven W: Bretonnians or cash


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I traded for this army a few months ago, and for a number of reasons I am looking to trade or sell it.


Here is the breakdown:


Army Book in good condition

Screaming Bell w/Grey Seer (mostly assembled)

Plague Furnace w/Plague Priest (mostly assembled)

Skaven Warlord model (used as chieftan w/BSB)

70 Clanrats (50 assembled, 20 mostly assembled)

40 Stormvermin (30 assembled)

2 Poison Wind Mortar Teams (assembled)

40 Plague Monks (30 assembled)

20 Night Runners (8 assembled and used as Gutter Runners)

6 Rat Ogres w/3 pack masters (assembled)

Warp Lightning Cannon (assembled)

Hellpit Abomination (assembled)

Bits box with all left over bits from every sprue and they are organized as well

Army Transport

Foam Trays

Movement Trays with magnets

Skaven Magic Cards


Nothing is primed.


The entire lot goes for $300.00 or a trade for a bretonnian army.....


Brand new, the models + army book cost $722.75 (the total price does not include the movement trays, army transport, foam trays, and skaven magic cards). The army transport, foam trays, magnetic movement trays, or the Skaven magic cards are included.

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