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Wanted to let everyone know about the next two events coming up for WarmaHordes.


Events will take place the final weekend of March and the final Weekend of April.


March 29th: 25pt Singles Event - $5 Buy-In


This event is put in place to help newer players get some experience and to get a chance at some new models without a high buy-in.

At the $5 level we have made the prize pool so that we make little to no profit on the buy-ins for the event.

Prize breakdow will be something like this: Heavy Kits > Light Jacks > Solos (Attendance will dictate how many of each are given out)


April 26th: 25pt Doubles Event (50pt team total/25pts per player) - $25 Buy-In


This event follows similar logic as the previous event in that we are trying to keep the prize pool as large as possible with one exeption...

The First Place Prize will be... wait for it... wait for it... ANY Colossal! We will order whichever Colossal you want! Both players on the first place team will get their pick, so thats TWO Colossals!


(Some prize restrictions will apply AKA Lights or Solo's that have a cost way outside the norm. We will however be allowing players who win a prize upgrade to another model by paying the difference Eg. A player wins a Heavy Kit valued at $35 and wants to upgrade to a Character Heavy thata costs $45 they can pay the $10 difference to have that ordered for them.)


More information to come, such as team construction and possible limitations.

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