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My OK Army

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Ok, here is the last of my GW armies that I traded for, I am now at equilibrium. About a month and a half ago I initiated a trade with a fellow over in Austria for his large Ogre Kingdoms army. I am getting into WHFB and OK were my first choice, but since then I have traded off six WM?H factions to get armies in both WHFB and 40K. 


The army arrived yesterday and here are images of stuff that came painted. In addition to what is pictured, I have about ten other bulls, three more leadbelchers, six Mournfang, two firebellies, another butcher, and about another 40 gnoblars.


Horde of 71 Gnoblars


Six GW Lead Belchers (three more need to be painted)


Eight GW Ogre Bulls (no idea why there are two bellowers)


Four Rackham Ironguts


Four FW Rhinox Cavalry (going to take a standard from a Mournfang Sprue to make a standard for them)


GW Slave Giant


Slave Giant Gorilla (unknown company)


Unit of Eight Ironguts (need more paint)


Two Rackham Mosters (Supposed to be Gorgers)


Three Yheties


Unit of 12 Bulls


Ten Ironguts


Rackham Tyrant


GW Butcher


GW Slaughtermaster


Six Rackham Bulls


Rackham Bruiser


Rackham Maneaters


Rackham Hunter


Rackham Bruiser


GW Tryant w/two hander


GW Tyrant 

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So I actually enjoy painting and modelling my armies. I am glad to have a force with so many models that are finished, so I can start to play with it right away, but I am also pleased that so much of it still isn't finished. Some of what I have needs to have finishing touches done to it, such as inking and highlights, while others need to have chipped paint fixed and so forth.

My goal is to come up with a tribal history for my Ogres that blends the backgrounds of the Ogres with those of the Wolfen models I have. I am not seeking to tap Rackham's Confrontation game, I know nothing about it, but rather have a history that is wholely Warhammer, while inclusive of a new race of giant humanoids. 

Once I have a background I can work on consolidating the armies and figuring out the paint for the rest of my force.

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