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1850 GG league for march (battle reports)


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GG league this month is 1850pts with no allies or FW allowed, but all other cheese is perfectly legal.


Game 1, 3/5/2014. Opponent was Jesse, again. I like playing this guy and we always seem to play first game of the league, but this time, it was pure chance.


Mission was #5 in the BRB (2 objectives, one in each deployment zone), deployment was hammer and anvil, and night fighting was in effect turn 1.


My army was proxy heavy, but it was a silly and very fun list to play.


CSM 1850pts

HQ Sorcerer (MoT, TDA, Chainfist, Comb-bolter, lvl3, Warlord)

HQ Sorcerer (MoT, TDA, Chainfist, Comb-bolter, lvl3)

Troops Thousand Sons (20, icon of flame, Force Sword)

Troops Thousand Sons (20, Force Sword)

FA Helldrake (flamer)

FA Helldrake (flamer)

FA Helldrake (flamer)


That's the entire list. Warlord joined icon squad and went reserve, other HQ joined other squad and deployed on my objective. Flyers in flyer reserve.


His army was BA and he was in dire need of FAQ reading. Apparently, my opponent lacks internet, so hasn't read up on the new FAQ for his army. Lots and lots of issues there. His army lacked any scoring units and and had an overuse of overpriced melee weapons. Two guys promised to bring him printed FAQs for next week - Jesse's that awesome.


Despite his list issues, it was a really fun match-up.


HQ Astorath (Warlord)

Elites Sanguinary Guard (5, fist, 5x melta pistols, masks)

Elites Libby Dread (HF)

Troops DC dread (Fists, MG/HF)

Troops DC (5, 2x power swords, 2x thunder hammers, fist)

Troops DC (5, 2x power swords, 2x thunder hammers, fist)

FA Baal Pred (HF sides, inferno top, storm bolter)

HS(?) Storm Raven (Cyclone/Las, Hurricane bolters)


I deployed first, but he siezed.


Game turn 1, started with my one unit on an objective and his Libby dread and Baal moving towards it at different speeds due to a failed psychic test. Turn 1, it flamed and killed a few thousand sons (I was rolling really bad for the first few turns). On that same game turn, my unit assault his pred and glanced it 4 times with strength 4 (apparently, TS doesn't know what krak grenades are...I completely missed this when writing the list.). That was first blood.


Game turn 2, saw the Libby dread closer. Sanguinary guard and non-embarked DC arrived and hid, given that we had lots of TLOS denial terrain. Helldrake arrived and popped a death company with a vector, but otherwise flew too far to do anything else (most of the game was in my deployment zone). TS advanced to fire multiple "doombolts" at the Libby dread, but ultimately failing to damage it. We also cast invisibility on the TS.


Game turn 3, SR arrived and popped the first helldrake while also thining the TS. The 2 jump units on the table and the libby dread shot, then assaulted the massive unit of TS. Slow and purposeful so no overwatch, but invisiblity had his units at WS 1, my units failed their sanguinary guard "mask" test, so were also at WS 1... I immobilized the libby dread on his turn, then destroyed it on mine. The aspiring sorcerer did impressive damage with his force sword against the DC. At the end of the game turn, the sanguinary guard were unable to move into the melee, so were unlocked. My other two flyers arrived and did minimal damage again.


Game turn 4, SR immobilized a hell drake, forcing it to fly off the table on it's turn. Other hell drake destroyed a recently disembarked DC dread with very lucky vector strike rolls. That massive melee finally resolved, with my sorcerer being the only surviving model. My other unit of TS arrived with my warlord.


We decided to call the game here. It was pretty clear at this point that I wouldn't be able to take the last objective, but he couldn't score or wipe me any time soon. Game ended 1:1, my first blood Vs his line breaker, a hard fought draw. It was a great game.


In hindsight, the hades autocanons would have been way better on the flyers. I need the reliable high strength shooting more than I needed the flamers, at least, in this list. The flamers are also rather redundant with the vector strikes, as both are AP3 high strength attacks that deny cover. I'm not sure I needed both TS units. A single one would probably be enough for most opponents. Probably want small CSM units with havoc rhinos and special weapons for the other troops slot. Don't think I needed the second HQ, though having a second HQ of a different type is probably a good idea.


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