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H: Tyranids, SM, and IG W: $


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With my favorite army (IG) getting an update soon I need some cash to blow on new toys. I will be at Fluggers on the 22nd and that would be a great place to sell some stuff off.


So what have.



Tyrant, on foot with venom cannon

6 Warriors, one venom cannon, one barbed strangler

5 random genestealers

2 zoanthropes, Finecast

2 hive guard, Finecast

2 Trygons, One is missing the tip of his tail. I may have to bit order one off ebay.

1 Tyranofex


I would like to see it all go for $200 But I am willing to piece it out.



I have to much to list. I am not looking to sell my whole collection (It is out of control) just raise some money. I have a little of everything from blood angels to dark angels. Lots of dreads, couple extra rhinos, lots of marines. Just tell me what your looking for and I will see what I can dig up



This is obviously the army I am raising the money for but I have so much I will never use it all. I have a ton of cadian infantry and a couple extra chimeras. Also a tallern (probably spelled wrong) unit and a basilisk.


Just shoot me an offer on what you want and we will try and work something out.

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