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Apocalyptic barrage weapons...


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Not sure how many exist, but I found an interesting bit in the rules that I need to verify.


The very last sentance in the apocalyptic barrage rules says, "Resolve each strike independently, as if it were a separate barrage attack."


Strikes are earlier defined as being the number of "shots" in the weapon profile, with example being heavy 4, apocalyptic barrage.


Now the question, does this mean that target unit will potentially take a pinning check for each resolved "strike"? Or are pinning checks limited 1 per apocalyptic template?


Seems like this one could matter a good deal, especially if your unit isn't immune to pinning...but the apocalyptic weapon doesn't do much actual damage.

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I think you can make a solid argument that "attack" in this context could mean "attack from a weapon," rather than "an entire unit's shooting." That being the case, it will still only cause one pinning check.

I can see it either way, so I thought I'd just run it by the ordo crowd. One version is just very much more impressive than the other.

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