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Airbrush Comission Service

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Hello fellow wargamers!

I have decide to look into taking on commissions for airbrushing.  I have finally expanded my paint range enough to accommodate most requests.  I'm just starting out on the commission side of things.  Just looking to subsidize my hobby and help play for my toys.  

Pricing will be on a project to project bid.  It will include primering them (via airbrush, the best and only way IMO) and a base coat with transitions (lighting highlights) and shading (inks).  After that we can get into more detail work if you like my style of painting, but that will be a different cost.

Seperate fee for building the models

I have the complete line of Vallejo Game colors and a large selection of GW paint.  If I don't have it I can get it.  The goal is to provide a service to get large armies battlefield ready and let you work on the fun part of painting (the details)

Let me help you have a showcase army to display on the battle field!


PS Admins, if this isn't ok or should be somewhere else please let me know

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