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Northwest Invasion 2017 - a Flames of War tournament - annoucement


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WHAT: Flames of War Tournament - Northwest Invasion 2017, Oregon vs. Washington
WHEN: Sat, September 16, 10am – 9pm
WHERE Guardian Games, Portland, OR
Flames Of War historical WWII mini's.
Tables requested: 6-8.
Setup 10 AM
Registration: 10:45 AM

Dice Drop 11:15 AM



  • Round 1: Free-for-All
  • Round 2: Dust Up
  • Round 3: Counterattack


  • 100 pts
  • One force, 1-3 Formations, Max number of tanks and armored cars=40
  • The same formation type can only be used for up to two formations.
  • List must specify each formation and Force Supporting units
  • Players are responsible for checking the points on their lists, even when such lists are computer generated.
  • Lists must be submitted for approval to the TO (Tournament Organizer) by midnight on Sunday, 10 SEP.
  • At Registration, you will provide a legible printed copy of your list to the TO.
  • Before the start of each round,  you will provide a legible printed copy of your list to your opponent.
  • Copy services are not locally available near the game store on the morning of the tournament.


  • If the roster does not include enough team members to evenly match Oregonians with Washingtonians, then the tournament format will be changed from team competition to individual competition.
  • If the roster does not include enough Axis or Allied players to match Axis vs Allied in each match-up for each round, then some match-ups will be "Blue-on-Blue"

More details and the full schedule will be posted in the "Official Thread" for this event.


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