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H: Deathwatch W: $200


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So, this will be a little unusual for me, since I don't usually sell armies as a whole, but this was my 2017 OFCC Team Event list (minus the Crusader). I listed the army list below from 7th, which is identical to how you can run it in 8th (it is 1755 instead of 1750 points if you use 8th) except for the two relics. To make it more effective as an 8th list, you could probably add a couple normal bolter guys and mix stuff around, add some vehicles and you're good to go.

I'm putting this out there to see if anyone wants a great, tabletop painted starter army for a low price. I also have a small bits bag that is particular to this army that I will include with a purchase.


Tons more pictures here, including WIP and such:




pretre's Deathwatch List




Watch Commander - Chaplain with Beacon - 125

Watch Company - Artemis - 145

Aquila (Anti-Everything) - 5 Vets with Bolter/CCW, 4 Frag Cannons, Librarian with ML2 - 305

Furor (Anti-Troop) - 5 Vets with Infernus/CCW x2, Bolter/Shotgun x2, Watch Sgt with Combi-Plasma/CCW, Term with HF/PF - 210

Dominatus (Anti-Elite) - 5 Vets with Watch Sgt with Xeno/CCW, Shotgun/SS x3, CCW/Bolter.  3 Vanguard with CCW/SS, LCx2, HTH - 290

Malleus (Anti-Heavy) - 5 Vets with Meltagun/Bolter, Meltagun/CCW, Shotgun/SS, Black Shield with HTH, Watch Sgt with Combi-Melta/CCW, Term with SB/PF with Melta, Term with TH/SS - 295

Strategium Command Team

Librarian with ML2, Bolter, Dominus - 115

Purgatus (Anti-HQ) - 5 Vets with Stalker/Bolter x3, Frag Cannon/CCW x2, Terminator with SB/PF/Cyclone, Biker with DTH - 265



edit: Oh snap, one CCW/Bolter (the SW from the Dominatus squad) is in the Cannon, so that is one less model than in the list. I can totally dig out enough bits from my SW bits box to throw in and fill out that squad.

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