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Have: Tyranids Want: SM or Hordes or Orks


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I have the following list of Tyranid models that have been sitting around and I have not had much of a chance to do anything with them. Some in rough painting condition from the previous owner, some paint stripped, some magnetized, some painted. 


Would like to swap for Space Marines stuff or Orks! Hordes models. Willing to swap in the PDX area. 


15 Hormagaunts

3 Ripper Swarms

5 Spore Mines

24 Termagants

22 Genestealers

1 Zoanthrope (metal)

1 Hive Tyrant (metal)

1 Guard (metal)

3 Ravener

1 Broodlord (metal)

3 Warriors

1 Lictor (metal)

1 Venomthorpe (metal and missing tentacles)

2x Carnifex



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