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MBC's Masters league


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List submission deadline will be May 17th, and the league will start on May 31st. Once validated, all lists will be sent to your opponents.


This season, the divisions will be seeded, We will make our best judgment at your skill level and place you in the appropriate division.



The actual form the divisions take, will depend on involvement, with the number of players signed up determining the actual numbers of the divisions and their content.


So, the Good Stuff;


35 point lists

2 lists required

No painting requirements

Deathclock timing

2014 Masters scenarios and scoring packet

Divide and Conquer - 1 (each list must be played once)

When we break from the standard league, to the playoffs, Divide and Conquer will reset and you must play each list at least once. At this point in the event, players will be allowed to change their lists. So basically, you don't have to play the same lists during the playoffs as during the regular season.

The winner of each division will earn a spot in the playoffs. There will then be a number of wild card slots for the remaining positions. The ranking of these will be as follows; 1st-Overall record, 2nd-Controll Points, 3rd-Army Points destroyed

All other variables will be Baseline


Each week you will be scheduled a game. It is strongly suggested that you play that game by the end of the week, but will not be required. Both players will be responsible to schedule their game, and they can play wherever they like (I'm a big believer in the honor system).


When you complete a game, you can either tell me in person, or via PM here or by email to Lucas.p.gandy@gmail.com. The information you need to include is;

Player names

Warcasters/Warlocks used

Who won

Win condition (Assassination, Scenario, Deathclock)

Control Points/Army Points both players earned


Entry Fee: TBD

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