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H:MTG Chaos Dwarf More W:Bretonnian, $$, More


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Copied from my Btown post


My Trade Rules
Rating less than mine You ship first/pay first
ANY netural/bad feedback you ship, Pay first
Rating less than 100 any Cash exchanges over $50 you pay first
Please don't leave me hanging
If I forget to get back to you PLEASE message me Wife, Pets, Full Time Work I do some times forget
I am reasonable if you overlook something in a trade Ill try to communicate and correct the issue at your cost. If I make a mistake Ill do my best to fix it at my cost just let me know. 


------Looking for Army swap or CASH I will not accept any lowball offer on any Chaos Dwarf mini-------

--------------------------Army Will not be Broken up----------------------------

All Forge World (or some variation the odd items will be marked ****** for easy identification) This army being all forgeworld and little to no paint not even primer will trade in my favor

Bull Centaur Renders x 6

Death Shreiker x 2

Dreadquake x 1

Magma Cannon x 1

Bale Tarus x 1 *****(missing some of the wing hooks and uses a plasticard base possible recast purchased on ebay but came shipped to me in the forgeworld bag with the instructions and the resin seems right but I did not purchase it first hand so I do not know for sure )

Infernal Guard w/ Fireglave x30

Infernal Guard with HW/S x 30 ***** (some were purchased on ebay rather than FW and I believe them to be forged as the resin is different colored 10 were purchased 2nd hand)

3 sets of infernal guard command

Iron demon (base coated and light paint work)

Skull Cracker (painted but needing some touch up after a bad experience of pigment and sealer)

---Finecast Hellcannon (began base coating)

For these I am interested in cash $1000 (OBO) or straight army swap for another painted army. I don't expect Eavy Metal paint but I expecting something I can be proud to put on the table. If you look at your painted mini and say to yourself this looks good and I did my best then I would consider the trade.

Armies I am interested in

Bretonnia (prefer painted but Larger unpainted might work)

Other minis I have to trade or sell

Warriors of Chaos

1 sealed box Warriors of Chaos


Gor x 65

Ungor x 26

Jabberscythe x2 finecast, unpainted assembled

Metal Minotaurs x4 (1 standard, 1 with 2 hw, 1 missing 1 arm, 1 Doombull missing a piece of armor on right shoulder holding great weapon)

Maligor? (winged SC)



Arrer Boys x29

Night Goblins x 50

Night Gobbo Archers x 40

S/O shaman dressed similar to a jester x1

Fanatic x8

Mounted Warboss x2

assorted crew/netters x5

Board Games

Game of Thrones 2nd ed (played 2 times) complete adult owned smoke free home

Super Dungeon Explore + Rocktop Expansion (played 2-4 times) complete adult owned smoke free home the cards are all in protective sleeves but a very bad kitty knocked the box off the shelf breaking the dragon and one of the mini bosses. The mini boss is fixed and aside from the small putty area it is fixed and pinned in place I have not yet fixed the broken dragon wing but a quick pin and putty should do the trick.

MTG---I prefer cash I am willing to consider all cards SP/HP condition I will not accept "card shop 25%" offers. If I wanted 25% there are 4 card shops I can walk to from my house. Don't waste my time or yours. You will be ignored if you make stupid offers.


MTG gone for now will add more later all sold



What I want

Squigs all sorts painted/unpainted I don't care they are metal and strip easy enough if necessary

Trolls Metal or plastic just not the BFsP troll

AOW Rangers x 20

Green Knight prefer not finecast

New Dwarf
Long Beard
Iron Breakers

FW Curs'd Ettin
FW Goblin Command
FW Orc Command
FW Dwarf Command

Dark Heresy
The Radicals Handbook

I might also consider a Circle of Oboros force and necessary books

Cassius the Oathkeeper
* Wurmwood, Tree of Fate
* Megalith
* Wold Guardian

2x Gallows Grove
Lord of the Feast
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
* Stone Keeper
10 Tharn Bloodtrackers
* Nuala The Huntress

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