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Mechwarrior Online (2018 revist)


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Enjoying it. Apparently I haven't played since being a beta tester. Been a while and the game is certainly different, but I got a little beta tester tag to know that I was one... Kinda the same game as World of Tanks, but with more customization options and no historical requirements limiting the number of mechs they can release.

Game is incredibly disorganized. Actual gameplay is simple, but expect zero explanations on anything while buying, building, or even searching for mechs to buy. And you can really screw up the mech if you don't build it right.

Definitely Freemium. Special note that the in-game store is different than the website's store (website's store is better, in my opinion). If you get into it and are looking to buy stuff, getting "premium time" is much cheaper if you buy it with a mech. And the bundles go on sale often, so if you wait for a sale on a bundle that has premium time, you can end of with basically free premium time and cheap mechs.

Anyway, if you play and want to buddy with me, my game handle is apparently "Brother Paxton" which must have been something that made sense when I was beta testing...

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