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Mearl's Blood Bowl trading post


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I'm from the Tri-Cities and I'm on a quest of collecting old GW Blood Bowl teams and help some others along the way. You guys seem to be the BB scene in your parts so any help is greatly appreciated.

This is a great site to know what models are what edition
http://www.blood-bowl-miniatures.de/tea ... ry/bb_1ed/

updated 7/12/19

--------Looking to trade for or purchase---------

B7 Böblingen, Germany-Funk´n Stein 2011 tournament mini-
http://www.blood-bowl-miniatures.de/col ... iniatures/

Norses - Snow Troll nº 1 - Willy Miniatures
http://willyminiatures.com/product/snow ... 16fd43adaa

--GW teams---
5th ed Ogres
2nd ed Goblins
4th ed Amazons
2nd ed dwarfs
2nd ed Humans
2nd ed Dark Elves
1st ed Goblin Attacker
2nd ed trolls
2nd ed snotlings
2nd ed orc blitzer x2
2nd ed chaos dwarfs
2nd ed halflings x2
3rd ed norse linemen x1
3rd ed High Elf thrower x1
5th ed nurgle rotter x1
5th ed vampire x1
5th ed thrall x1
2nd ed Goblin Secret weapons
---Star players---
Tell me what you got and we'll see because there's a lot of them.
Ramtut III
Helmut Wulf
Zara the Slayer
5th ed Varag Ghoul Chewer
5th ed Griff Oberwald
5th ed Jordell Freshbreeze
Hubris Rakarth
5th ed Boomer Eziasson
5th ed Flint Churnblade
5th ed Dark Elf secret weapons 1,2
Hack Enslash
5th ed Mighty Zug

6th ed team cards,human, undead, elven union

xxxxxx----For Trade/Sell----xxxxxx
pretty badass converted/painted deamon team.. scroll down for finished team
http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/view ... 4&start=15

6th ed orc team cards sealed, orc dice sealed
3rd ed goblin team x10 gobs, fanatic,chainsaw,bomb,pogoer, x2 5th ed trolls
6th ed skaven team box set, painted
6th ed goblins x12
6th ed troll
Lizardman team krox, saurus x6, skinks x6
3rd ed dwarf team painted 12 players + 3 unpainted linemen
3rd ed skaven, x6 linemen, thrower, x3 runner, x2 blitzer
3rd ed plastic orcs 16 players
1st ed Zombie
2nd ed goblin pogoer
5th ed human, x4 linemen, blitzer, thrower
5th ed Khemri skeleton x3
3rd ed undead, x2 mummies ,x2 wights ,ghoul,x2 skeleton ,x3 zombies
5th ed nurgle pestigors x6
3rd ed halflings x15
3rd ed metal wood elves 3 linemen, 2 wardancers,
3rd ed Dark Elves, 2 witch, 6 linemen
2nd ed metal Orc linemen
x2 metal 2nd ed Minotaur, large 2 piece model and a single piece model.
x2 metal 2nd ed human blockers
2nd ed treeman with opened hands

.........star players............
Slarga Foulstrike
Count Luthor von Drakenburg
3rd ed Jordell Freshbreeze
Dieter Hammerslash
Withergrasp doubledrool
Dorjak Sureclaw
Hakflem Skuttlespike
Head Splitter
3rd ed Morg N Thorg
2nd ed Wilhelm-Chaney
2nd/5th ed Frank-n-Stein
Lord Borak The Despoiler

Drop Zone Commander-pretty good size lot needs some TLC but will trade in your favor. info of lot on request
Bunches of 40k, tyranids,space marines, tau, chaos, necron nothing beyond 6th ed

Thanks for looking.

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