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Large lot, Ultramarines army, white scars army, misc. space marine units


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*editing this as things sell*

Selling out of my Space Marines, would be willing to trade for an eldar army for army or eldar/custodes units for any of the misc. units. 

Have 2000 points of painted ultramarines for sale. List is as follows:

1 Roboutte Guilliman

6 Aggressors w/boltstorm gauntlets

1 Leviathan Dreadnought

10 Intercessors 

15 Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles

1 Indomitus Chaplain

1 Librarian Tigurius

1 Thunderfire Cannon W/techmarine

2 Invicitor Warsuits

White Scars 1000point painted army

1 indomitus chaplain converted on outrider biker

1 Smash captain on bike

6 outriders

6 eradicators

10 assault intercessors

extra units available for sale individually:

8 outrider bikes primed Corax white but unassembled

3 Bladeguard veterans(NOS)

2 Judicar (NOS)

1 Primaris Chaplain(NOS)

2 Bladeguard Ancient(NOS)

3 Indomitus Lieutenants (NOS)

3 Indomitus Captains(NOS)

1 Assault intercessor (unassembled primed corax white)

9 Assault intercessors(NOS)

1 Wolf Guard battle leader(assembled unprimed)

1 Stormraven(assembled, unprimed)

2 mortis dreadnoughts with Twin Autocannons(assembled,unprimed)

1 sgt. telion(primed blue)


all the nos units will come with their bases. Its a lot of stuff so prices are negotiable depending on what you want and pictures Plus more info available upon request! Thanks!





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