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TinkerTurf Example 40k & Kill Team Tables


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Hey all, I'm one of the creators of a full color wargaming terrain product called TinkerTurf, and we're trying to show players what kind of tables you can build for different games so here's some video we've just put up.  We're running a kickstarter right now for this terrain.  We'll be breaking the Kill Team back out week after next (been in 'munda mode lately) and posting an update with some in game shots.

TinkerTurf - Large Battle Table Example 1 - Neutral Theme



TinkerTurf - Small Skirmish Table Example 1 - Abandoned Theme


TinkerTurf - Small Skirmish Table Example 2 - Neutral Theme


Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and let me know if I can answer any questions.

PS - If this doesn't belong here please let me know and I'll nuke it and ne'er link here again 🙂

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