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H eldar, wwx, dz-reb, misc w:$$$ 40k

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Eldar (pending)
Lot is roughly $1070 retail. Various condition, between painted to primed. Would sell for $375 35% retail. Or do mix trade for space marines and cash. Trade in your favor, mostly dependent on condition of your models. Please take this from me so I don't have to piece meal on eBay.
Avatar of Khaine Metal Painted
Eldrad Metal Painted
Prince Yriel
2 Farseer 6 warlocks 2 primed, 3 stripped, 3 painted
5 Painted jetbikes, no riders
1 painted viper gun not attached
27 Dire Avengers Plastic mix stages of fully painted and primed.
15 Fire Dragon Metal 5 painted, 5 stripped, 4 bare 1 exarch missing gun
15 Howling Banshees Metal 4 stripped, 11 painted
2 Metal Fire prisms painted
2 wave Serpents 1 painted 1 partially painted
5 OOP Warwalkers painted
Included in lot but not factored into retail.
5 Rangers no backpacks, one gun barrel broken off painted
5 Howling Banshees Metal painted without swords

Wild West Exodus roughly $200 retail... Would sell for $120
Rule book, templates and tokens
Comic 1-3
Union hired hand 1 nos
Enlightened hired hand 1 nos
Lincoln nib

Rebs starter + faction deck

Good for necromunda will sell lot for $20 shipped
Frank Russo, Merc Hero NIB
Phat Flark, Gang Boss NIB
Keryx, Cyborg Assassin NIB
Boris Barayev NIB

Firestorm Armada all nib
Aquan Starter oop

Cash is king, please feel free to make offers.

Not on model conditions metal can be any condition as long as complete. Plastic or resin I prefer unpainted, I’m tired of stripping, and I paint my own schemes.

40K wants:
Imperial Armour books (I already have Tau and Badab War series) or Horus Heresy Rule book 1 – 3
Models for Space Marines, 30k

Interested in guard and space marine here is my high priority items:
IG/Astra Militarum:
Leman Russ Exertimantors/Executioners or magnetized turrets.
Tank Commanders
Taurox NOS or assembled without tracks/wheel

Space Marines:
Forge Fathers
Drop Pods
Vanguard veterans plastic only please
Thunderfire Cannon

Just need a few dark eldar:
Razorwing Flyer

GW Terrain:
Maybe other terrain

New front line gaming Battle mat would be awesome… or some variant. I’m tired of my painted table. I would trade in favour for Battle mat.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Updated price and added some Wild West exodus. Looking to flesh out my space marines mostly and hopefully some cash make an offer I want to make room for relic knights.

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