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H: Tyranids and bits W: $$


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I have a lareg Tyranid army that I have collected over 10 years. I don't have enough time to play all my armies any more so I am selling them. Some models are painted other are primed. Some models need assembly.


You can see pictures on my craigslist posting http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/tag/4493310525.html. I could send you specific pics by emails

This army includes but not limited to.
3 plastic carnifex
40 termagant
30 hormagaunts
20 Devagants
20 Plastic Gargoyles
2 tervigons w/ parts for tyrannofex
1 converted tyranid prime
1 trygon prime
5 zoanthropes (3) 3rd edition (2) 2nd edition
3 biovores
6 metal hive guard
6 warriors
2 lictors 5th edition
2 hive tyrant 1 finecast 1 3rd edition metal w/ plastic dragon wings
3 tyrand guard
21 newer genestealers
1 broodlord
20+ old genestealers
1 genetealer magus
1 parastic of mortrex converted.
3 metal old one eye bodies
6 ravenars 3rd edition metal
10+ ripper bases

6th edition codex.

Large box of bits

I would prefer to sell this as a lot but may be willing to part this out. Feel free to call or text if you are interested. my cell phone number is (five 41 73oh 7two70).

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