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H:marines W:Tau or maybe Nids


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Have the following units for trade. All are Crimson fist so all are blue or primed.

A. base coated and dry brushed Storm Raven. Still needs some work. Has lascanons and Meltas installed.
B. 3 man centurion devastator squad. Small magnets installed and all 3 weapons available. Unit is primed only.
C. 3 man centurion assault squad. One is painted and the other 2 are primed
D. 5 man vet vanguard squad. 2 painted 3 primed. Kited with thunder hammers, relic blade, storm shields and thunder claws.
E. 1 Lone Terminator
F. 1 Lone Space Marine Captain 

I am interested in Hammer Heads, Broad Sides, Bomber, Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits. Thinking about starting Nids so will entertain trades for an HQ, troops, elites and/or codex. Also accepting cash, $100.00

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