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H: Ravenwing W: $$/40k SM/40k Terrain

von hammer

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Hello all!


I have one too many armies and I am looking to unload my Ravenwing as I will never run a bike army but thought my DA army would look better. Oh well. What I'm looking for:


$$$ (150 obo)

Frontline Gaming mat

Anything Wall of Martyr

Land Raider

Drop Pods



Imperial Knight

Thunderwolf Calvary

Imperial Sector

Fortress of Redemption

or let me know what you have!


What I have:

3 Black Knights (plastic, no torso on)

3 Converted Black Knights

2 Landspeeders

1 Sammael converted on Landspeeder

3 DV bikes

1 Landspeeder Vengeance

10 (or more, need to recount) bikes

Lots of extra bits and icons


All the army is in the process of being painted/put together. I can txt photos since they are too big to load on here. PM me your number if interested. Thanks everyone for looking!

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