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H: Tyranids Army/Lot W: $


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Hey all,


Unfortunately, I've come to the point where I realize my hopes and dreams of playing 40k on a regular basis have to take a back seat to, well, everything else in life. :) As such, I'm selling off the lot of tyranids I'd picked up over the course of the last couple of years and simply never formed into an actual army.


I will start off by saying I'm not 100% familiar with the model weapons, so I've decided not to specify those, though I can do my best to identify them for anyone who needs that detail. In addition, a number of models have been painted. I've tried to identify the ones I feel are table top quality, and those that I think need to be stripped and re-done. Nothing is higher than mid-level table top quality at best and I myself have not painted any of the models (they were purchased as small lots or individual models, mostly online).


The lot is mostly your basic swarm creatures, along with several larger creatures, but none of the massive creatures from the 6th ed codex since I (ironically) stopped collecting right about when that came out. I'd really prefer to sell it all as one lot, given that I don't have the time to work out multiple trips to make exchanges and don’t want to be stuck with a couple dozen models that will end up in the trash because folks only wanted the big stuff. :)


Huge creatures:

Trygon - 1 (terrible half-done paint job, probably needs to be stripped)

Tyrannofex - 1 (unpainted)


Large creatures:

1 Flying Hive Tyrant (arms magnetized, unpainted)

1 Hive Tyrant (3rd ed metal, Kraken colors)

1 Carnifex (newer "four-legged style", unpainted)

1 Carnifex (3rd ed? metal, Kraken colors and needs work)

2 Zoanthropes (metal, Kraken colors)


2 Lictors (older styles)

4 Raveners - all unpainted, one metal and older style. MIGHT be a special character, but couldn't figure it out.

12 Tyranid Warriors - 3 Kraken, 3 Behemoth, 3 Primed black (one with partial paint), 3 unpainted

1 Tyrant Guard (metal, primed black)


Swarm creatures:

37 Hormagaunts - 12 Kraken, 11 partially painted Kraken, 14 unpainted

58 Termigants - 15 Kraken, 10 partial Kraken, 9 Behemoth, 14 need repainting, 10 unpainted

16 Genestealers - 6 Behemoth, 10 primed or unpainted


There are also two small bit bags with various parts for the swarm and smaller creatures, as well as 9 of the very old blue genestealers and 10 old termigants (not priced - just throwing them in).


Asking $500 for the whole lot, which is somewhere in the 50% range of what retail is. Taking a guess, though, so if you think you've got a good offer, fire it at me. I'm willing to entertain anything reasonable. The goal is mostly to get it all out the door.


Please let me know if you want closer looks at anything - I'm more than happy to take more pictures and want folks to be clear on what they're buying. I'm also willing to hop on the phone and describe things or chat about the lot as needed. I'm in the Gresham area, and am willing to meet someone on the east or south side of town with enough notice, and could even possibly head to the west side on the weekend if necessary. Happy to be flexible.


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