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Selling: Vampire Counts Army (assembled/bare)


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I've had no interested in these guys in a while.


Looking to sell quickly if possible, if not I'll part out.


Everything is assembled and bare plastic/metal unless otherwise specified.

Many models OOP


Current book + spell cards


Mounted Vampire

Mounted Necromancer

Metal Wight King BSB

Foot Vamp x2

Foot Necro x2

New plastic Necro (primed black)

Un-assembled mounted necro
OOP metal banshee

OOP metal cairn wraith x2



Metal Spirit host

Custom spirit host made from Reaper Bones Ghosts.

41 OOP plastic skeletons, full command, plus 16 more poorly painted

4 bases metal bat swarms

5 Hexwraiths

7 black knights. 2x oop, 5x new bodies on old horses, full command

33 Grave Guard with hand weapon/shield.  OOP metal full command

30 crypt ghouls

21 zombies

15 OOP dire wolves, with metal doom wolf

Finecast Varghulf
Metal Black Coach

New in package:
OOP Vampire Lord

Black Knights (two boxes)

Corpse Cart


All left over bits and some movement trays

Pics: http://s302.photobucket.com/user/sorienor/library/VC

Asking $400

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