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FS: Nagash and Glottkin hardcover sets


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Hey folks I've read through the first two of my hardcover End Times books (very gently) and am ready to pass them along to someone else to read.  I think the prices online are obnoxious so I'm selling them for $10 less than retail, or $75 each.  


All I ask is that you NOT buy them and resell them for more than you're paying, as that would be lame.


Also, if you can come pick them up from me at my house sometime in the next week great (I live near NE 75th and Sandy Blvd in Portland) but if you can't, please count on paying $12.65 for a Medium Flat Rate box USPS Priority Mail.

The books are barely used.  The only visible wear is that the corner of the Nagash box was slightly crumpled before I got it (dropped when shipping).  Non smoker, no picking my nose and leaving buggers in the pages, etc.


First one to get me PayPal $75 cash gets them, sorry I can't "hold" them for you, it's too complicated :)  Just pm me and I'll send you my PayPal address!




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