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FS: Iron Warriors


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Time to clean out some old armies.  I've got a Chaos Marine Iron Warriors army that needs to find a new home. I currently do not have pictures of the havocs or sorcerer but of course I would be willing to let you look at everything before committing. It is all is painted and based to a very high standard and the army has a lot of conversions and use of forge world bits to create a pretty unique looking army. Id love to sell it as a whole for a discount but would be willing to part it out if need be.  New Retail its about $960 for the models or equivalent but Id be willing to sell it all for $700 or best offer. PM me with any questions. 


Photo Gallery:




-Terminator Chaos Lord

-Sorcerer (plastic conversion)




-10 Chaos Terminators

-2x Chaos Dreads with different weapon options



-2x 10 man squads of chaos marines with various weapons and upgrades (plasmas, flamers, meltas)

-18 cultists/guardsmen

-8 Berzerkers w/ champion



-3 metal obliterators

-5 man havoc team with autocannons

-5 man havoc team with missile launchers

-5 man havoc with 2 lascannons

-2x forgefiends (one complete scratch build/conversion, one from the official kit)

-2x basilisks

-sentinel walker



-3x rhinos

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