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3rd and Final Apoc Post


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This is it guys. This is your very last chance to partake in a historical life changing event taking place in the epicenter of Bellingham. Your children's children will read about this in their history books at whatever school's they attend. If they attend schools after apocalypses, I do not know. But Chapter Six will include a quiz section and chapter summaries with an essay due defining what happened exactly the dreaded day of January 24th of our year 2015. But you all already knew that, so the question that remains is, are those young intellectuals who are going to write their 40 page dissertations going to include your name anywhere among those sheets? Will you be an honorable pencil stroke upon a page of wonder? Will the markers of correction ever highlight your name due to improper capitalization of a remarkable pronoun? Will the works cited ever reference the millions of books written by millions of scholars titled to your name? OR......


.....will you be long forgotten. Just another grain of sand on an empty beach? Just another Tuna in a dancing school of fish? Just another blurry face in a fuzzy crowd?


For that I can not say. Well that is for you to decide. For when age eventually runs you down and is a mere breathe on your back...Will you remember the experience of a beautiful memory? Or will have to face the years of unfortunate regret?.......................


But Seriously guys, Saturday January 10th we are closing the polls. No one else will be able to join. The choice is now yours.

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