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H: Daemons of Chaos W:$$$


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Selling my Fantasy Daemons army.


2x full command 30 unit pink horrors regament with movement trays


Full command 3 model unit of blood crushers


Daemon prince




9 flammers


8 screamers (3 bases, one missing tail)


Harald of Tzeentch with wings


Disc of Tzeentch with base


8 furies one missing wings and base


One box of Seekers on sprue


Retail is $625, I'm selling it for $325.


All the rest of the pics are here.


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Here, alternate description

WHFB Daemon Army (As in square based Daemon Army...)

60 plastic pick horrors (unpainted, assembled, 2 sets of full command, 2 movement trays for 3x10)
3 plastic blood crushers (unpainted, assembled, full command)
1 plastic Daemon prince (unpainted, assembled)
1 metal Bloodthirster (unpainted, assembled)
9 flammers (assembled, 3 unpainted finecast, 3 unpainted metal, and 3 painted on unclear material)
8 metal Screamers (1 missing tail, only three with bases)
1 Finecast Herald of Tzeentch with wings (unpainted)
1 Finecast Disc of Tzeentch (unpainted)
8 OOP metal furies (Mostly unpainted, one missing wings and base)
One box of Seekers on sprue (not pictured, so unclear if included...)

Suggest a breakdown of retail per model.

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