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April 11th- Gameshire (Everett) Spell Draft Tournement


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All games of Spell Draft are played using baseline Steamroller 2015 rules, with the following exceptions:

• All players bring a single 35-point army list, no Colossals or Gargantuans allowed.


• All games are played using the Outflank scenario.


• All spells listed on a warcaster’s or warlock’s spell card and all animi on warbeasts are considered “erased” for this format. You can use only the spells and animi that you draft in this event.


• DRAFTING: Before the tournament begins, players are divided into groups of up to eight players. Every player is given a deck of eight cards, each of which lists one spell or animus. When the EO announces that it is time to begin drafting, take one card from your deck and add it to your spell pool. Once all players have chosen a spell, players simultaneously pass their decks to the player on their left. Then take the deck from the player on your right and repeat the process until your spell pool contains exactly eight cards.


• Spell cards you draft become part of your warcaster’s or warlock’s spell list for the duration of the tournament.  


• Animus cards you draft can either become part of your warcaster’s or warlock’s spell list or be assigned to a warbeast as an animus. If you assign a card as an animus, all warbeasts in your army that share the same name gain this animus. Example: Joey has five shredders in his army list. He drafts the animus card Rush. Joey can choose to give his warcaster Rush as a spell or assign Rush to one of his warbeasts as an animus. Joey assigns Rush to a shredder, so all five shredders now have Rush.


• If an effect would reduce the COST of a spell below 1, it reduces it to 1 instead.


• Cards labeled as spells can be used only as spells; they cannot be assigned as animi.


• Once all players have drafted their spell list and assigned any animi, note on your player record sheet the spell resources you have and how you allocated any animi.  One animi per warbeast.


• Pairings for the tournament are drawn from all players in all the drafting groups.


• Only Warcasters/Warlocks with Focus/Fury of 7 or less are allowed for this tournament.

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