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H: IG/AM W $ or SM or Army Swap


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Leman Russ Demolisher (Plasma/Lascannon) x1 Primed $49.50
Leman Russ Demolisher (Heavy Bolter) x1 Bare $49.50
Leman Russ Vanquisher (Heavy Bolter) x1 Primed $49.50
Sentinels x5 Painted $150.00
Mortar Team x7 Primed
Missile Team x11 Primed
Autocannon Team x5 Primed
Lascannon Team x3 Primed
Heavy Bolter Team x5 Primed $406.85
Standard Bearer x1 Painted
Lasgun / Las Pistol CCW x52 Painted
Lasgun / Las Pistol CCW x26 Primed
Lasgun / Las Pistol CCW x20 Bare (Partially As.)
Commissar x2 Primed / Painted
Grenade Launcher x3
Plasma Gun x2
Melta Gun x2
Heavy Bolter x1
Sniper x3 $319.00
Valkyrie x1 Primed $66.00
Valkyrie x1 NIB $66.00
Chimera x1 NIB $37.25
Vulture Upgrade Pack (Forgeworld) x1 NIB $18.00


Comes out to a little above 1200$ retail. There is some work that will need to be put in in finishing assembly in some of the models and some repairs here and there but its a large lot for around 450$.


Will look at any trade offers but would love bulk sale/trade.


Some pictures here, http://s295.photobucket.com/user/DamianFranzke/library/


Most heavy weapons teams I finished scenic ruined city bases, and I would say about half the infantry are ready to go as well.


Main interest for SM would be talons, ravens, sternguard, drop pods, bikes.


I live in Hawaii and will split 3 day ship (not bad with flat rates) or i will eat the shipping if you dont mind parcel post. 

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