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Another Few Months in Review

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Hey Hamsters,

So its been a little while since we got a recap of our events that have happened these past couple months. Why do we care? Because I said so. But more importantly its good to see where we have come from and where it is that we are planning on going. So without another further Ado lets jump in;


So the Star Wars loving miniature playing yahoo's (X-wingers)frequented some tourney's. All sounded well and good up until I heard the Recap from the Cosmic Comics place held a little while back. Aside from being free and getting free things, it would appear the tournament wasn't all to write home about. Now I don't mean to bash Cosmic but I feel for tournament sake and the good of the club it's important to know a little bit about what the store could have done better and what they did well and then implement that for our tourney's. Yes that's right. Close that gaping jaw. I said our tourneys. I have been talking to that group to push them into throwing an X-wing event. I feel that would be a great ego boost for the club. If you are interested in getting more info about the event, please see Joey, Kacy, Kevin and probably Josh and Grayson for a class A ear beating. Don't worry I will reference this a smidge later.


Sherbert showed me some Saga. It's a good game that you can pick up quick. If your interested talk to the "Bert" about it. He will gladly confuse you on one particular rule. Joking aside, try it out. Speaking of trying out things, you should head out to Don Almer's homestead to drink some beers, and play some Apoc. Touch base with Corey, Nardone, or Eli on the matter. If you haven't played Apoc, well you just haven't lived.


Have no worries (as I know you are currently cuticle level in you nail biting anticipation) The Hamsters finally got back on the 40k wheel (ba dum tss) and threw a tourney. 14 meat sacks in attendance 3 of which were putine lovin Canadians. It was awesome to finally see them down in our store strengthening inter club relationships. We even got Nathaniel (Store Owner) Back into the vestige that is 40K. Even Don made an appearance. And No he isn't just a fat dude in lipstick living in his parent basement trolling our forums. And Calm down, I know it's only 14 people, irate guy I just created. However it's the first step back into the tournament world which is where I believe our club should be. There is a tournament coming up right before OFCC in Canada that I recommend we take an entourage up to attend. Expect more on this.


On that note, Hamster Mommy and Hamster Daddy put in an order to the Stork Factory and got us some new Hamsters to expand our club. New members, for the lay person. Awesome. This is Awesome guys. This is something I want to not only encourage but challenge every member to reach out and do. I get that we aren't all social wizards like myself, however if you see a new a face peering at you in the middle of your games, I challenge you to say, "Hi" ask what game they play and then their name. I am not saying quit your game and host a talk show, but you wouldn't believe the magic that asking someone's name does for getting new members. Many nerds are socially awkward so make it easier for them to come out of their shell.


Also on that note, since its a being on that note kind of day, these new members offer our club new potential. Every person in some way is an asset or could be used as an asset to our club. So all current members if you have ideas for the club you need to speak out. Reach out to the board, myself, Joey or Kacy or another member for that matter. Yes I am going to laugh at you and call your idea stupid, that goes without saying, however I will look at your idea with 100% seriousness. If you want to throw a tourney let someone know. We can help you. Again, this club only gets stronger under open communication. Don't sit back and let someone else steal your idea. Let's make the club better.


Speaking of making the Club better (nice transition) How about that Logo. I mean am I right? Thank you Nathan for the work on that. Shirts are getting ordered so make sure you get your order in. Dice are in the queue so get those assets ready to be liquidated. And Jim....Man OFCC will be awesome if you are doing what I think your doing with that banner. Love it.


We had the Golden Mile. We had some hiccups and we had some fun. What I ask us to remember, it's not what we do right that strengthens us, it's how we over come those weaknesses that we are faced with. When we experience those weaknesses as a club and overcome them, we grow stronger than any other club can. Enough with the pseudo Batman quotes.


I'll wrap up this encyclopedia post and let everyone know that OFCC is upcoming, if you don't know this I would seriously reevaluate your life choice. (Duncan's Team Pay Up). If anyone has anything they want to add, because I know that there is more please do so. Other than that lets keep being the best club out there.

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Understandable. Sorry let me clarify, I did not want to make it sound like it's a bad place or the TO did a bad job. From what I heard, regarding tables and matching and all that. My overall goal is to get the Warhamsters to be the number one place that holds X-wing events in the super duper Pacific Northwest. We have a great crew of capable people that have experience running events. Unfortunately in the capitalistic world our success would be their downfall. But shhhhhh.....we won't talk about that.

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