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H: Tau


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Here is the list of what i have. havent played it in ages so figure i should find it a better home.


.2 OOP Broadsides (bare metal/plastic)

.3 devilfish (one missing gun turrett), (2 bare plastic, one painted)

.4 custom made shield drones (bare plastic)

.2 marker drones (bare plastic)

.6 metal pathfinders (4 snipers, 2 pulse carbines) (bare metal)

.5 gun drones on sprue

.24 fire warriors (bare plastic)

.6 kroot hounds (bare metal)

.1 kroot shaper (bare metal)

.12 kroot warriors (bare plastic)

.6 stealth suits (5 bare platic, 1 partially painted)

.2 crisis battle suits (1 bare plastic, 1 partially painted)

.2 crisis command suits (bare plastic)


All models except for pathfinders and devilfish are in army transport foam which can be included. Would prefer to sell as a lot as i dont want random models hanging around. Looking for cash

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