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I need some Pink or blue foam board to build R2D2


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I need to build an R2-D2 for a prop at a Boy Scout event and I need 2" thick or thicker foam board to build the legs and head. It costs $32 for a sheet at homedepot and we don't really have any money in the budget. If anyone has some large scraps they could donate that would be great.


Thanks for looking Guys.

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Dude, how big a piece do you need? THD also sell 2' square "project sheets" of 1" foam.


Failing that I have some medium sized offcuts from building my BB pitch that I could bring to the Ordo on Tuesday evening. Again, my stuff is 1" thick, not 2. I have:


2 pieces 5" x 24"

1 piece 12" x 19"

1 piece 4 3/4 x 19"

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