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Part-Painted Ogre Army For Sale or Possible Partial Trade


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Hi Folks,

I’m looking to sell my part-painted Ogre Army for $350. My only request is that you pick the pieces up in person (S.E. Portland) or have a friend do so on your behalf. I am also interested in starting a Lizardmen Army, so I may consider a whole or partial trade for a painted or partially painted army. Not to worry, I plan on sticking with this hobby but prefer to focus on my other armies. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.


My Ogre Kingdoms Army Breakdown:

Tyrant - nicely painted, using fine cast Golgfag model

Slaughter Master - nicely painted

Battle Standard Bearer - nicely painted, conversion using the Bragg model (Flag has not been reattached, but is included)

Firebelly - nicely painted, Finecast Model

Gorger - nicely painted

Ironguts (6 pieces) - primered black

Bulls (6 pieces) – skin-base coated

Bulls (6 pieces) – skin-base coated

Leadbealchers (4 pieces) – skin-base coated

Maneaters (4 pieces)- skin-base coated, one painted completely, all converted to have pistols

Sabretusks (2 pieces) – fur-base coated, using Fenrisian wolf models

Stonehorn - nicely painted, not attached to base for ease of shipping

Ironblaster - nicely painted apart from rider, who is primered black

Mournfang (4 pieces) - nicely painted

Giant - painted

Extras: OK Army book and magic cards, Bragg and Golgfag models (skin-base coated), parts to build three additional Mournfangs, plus miscellaneous piecespost-1145-0-14526200-1431570309_thumb.jpg


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