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FoW and D-Day, June 6th


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Firestorm Overlord kicks off with D-Day!

...a "Flames of War" tabletop miniatures battle


This is a special event to celebrate the 71st Anniversary of D-Day, the beach assault in Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944.


Join us on Saturday, the 6th of June at Guardian Games,

as we re-fight the D-Day invasion of Normandy,

using Flames of War rules and 15mm miniatures.


All are welcome to play - veteran gamers and newcomers, alike.

We have the figures and the tables.

Just bring your enthusiasm, and together we will have a smashing good time.



Guardian Games

345 SE Taylor St

Portland, OR 97214

(503) 238-4000

website: www.ggportland.com


This event is on the GG calendar: http://www.ggportland.com/calendar/


Start Time: 11 AM.


The D-Day battle:

This will be like the opening scenes in the movie "Saving Private Ryan"

We will be re-enacting (in miniature) the Normandy beach landing, as the Americans and British storm the beach, and the Germans put up a determined defense.


Flames of War Campaign "Firestorm: Overlord"

Our game on June 6 will also be the first battle in a series of engagements in the Campaign "Firestorm: Overlord".

In this campaign, American, British and Canadian tanks and infantry will battle through Normandy, while the Germans defend and counterattack.


For more information, visit the Flames of War online articles and read the campaign materials at

Firestorm: Overlord



Firestorm: Overlord Event Report


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