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Selling Brettonian Army


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I am selling the following army for $360 wholesale or individually at ~70% of Retail.


Photos: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B367ZG_lXQDEOTgtbFdhTUFReXM&usp=sharing

1 Trebuchet ($40)
1 Standard Bearer on Warhorse ($16)
1 Sorceress on Warhorse ($16)
1 Lord on Warhorse ($16)
29x Knights ($90) 
11x Questing Knights ($120)
3x Pegasus Knights ($45)
31x Man At Arm ($65)

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Ah your inbox is full!  Here's my PM:

Would you be so kind as to sell me the Questing Knight with the beard and flat-topped helm (3rd rank, behind musician in your picture)?  I've been trying to find him for a conversion I want to do and he's just tough to locate because he doesn't come in the box set.
Are you willing to sell him separately?  If so, how much?  I can PayPal immediately!
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