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W: Eldar Wraithlord Swordarms/Fire Prism Crystals. H: $$


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Greets again, all!


Another off-the-wall-request.


I am looking for the sword-arms from the plastic wraithlord kits that you might have and not be using!


Specifically - the part is one piece and has the sword and wraithlord right-hand attached to it. as so:eldar_wraithlord_hand_sword_large.jpg


I've looked on other sites, bits sites, even ebay, and no dice.


I need two, in fact. I'd even take them if they were painted.


Or if you have some trashy/junk/scrap wraithlords about that you don't want, if they're cheap enough, I'd consider buying the entire piece.


I am also in need of a single Fire Prism Cannon 'Crystal'. Any version of it should do. It's the 'crystal barrel' part. I have a tank, but during my move it apparently broke off and I have not been able to find it.


It looks something like this:




Or, the long, modern 'skinny' one that is currently used on the current version. I'd be willing to buy either one.


Please PM me to discuss, if you have either of these available. :)


Thanks for looking!



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