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Thrusday, June 11, FoW at GG


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Flames of War WWII tabletop miniatures battles.


All Normandy, France, 1944 (similar to "Saving Private Ryan")


4 tabletop battles possible, some of which will be played out on Thursday, June 11, at GG, in PDX, 1830-2130 hours:

Brit Para - 6th ABN vs, GE inf., vic Pegasus Bridge

US Para - 82nd ABN vs. GE Inf - “La Fiere Causeway”

British Assault Inf Co.,“Kampfgruppe Oppeln Attacks” (GE 21st Pz)

Canadian Assault Inf Co., “Kampfgruppe Rausch Attacks” (GE 21st Pz)


This is part of our Firestorm Overlord campaign.

Newcomers and old hands are welcome to join.

Previous experience not required.

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Online mission briefings for the tabletop battles on June 11.

If you do not have the Normandy Battles book (from Battlefront), then these aticles and PDFs have the same information on forces, terrain, missions, etc.
And they are FREE!

GE 21st Pz Div
Strike For The Sea: Kampfgruppe Oppeln & Rauch Attack

Download a PDF version of the Kampfgruppe Rauch Attacks Scenario here...

Download a PDF version of the Kampfgruppe Oppeln Attacks Scenario here...

US 82nd ABN
The Battle of the La Fiere Causeway, 6-9 June 1944

BR 6th ABN
The Battle for Pegasus Bridge

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