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Warmachine - getting out of the game sale PRICE REDUCED!


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Hey Ordo,

I'm getting out of Warmachine, and am selling what's left of my CoC army. I'll also entertain trades for :
Star Wars LCG - Anything except the Hoth cycle
Netrunner LCG - Anything from the San-San cycle

Everything has been stored in a smoke free home.
Model condition as marked
T = $425,
Asking $235, and I'll throw in the Army Transport Bag for free.

Can meet anywhere in/around Portland

Thanks for looking!

The lot includes :

Convergence of Cyriss
* = built/base coated silver

*16.99 Forge master syntherion
16.99 Forge master syntherion
Unbuilt bare plastic
*16.99 Corollary
*18.99 Diffuser
*18.99 Mitigator
*34.99 Cipher
*34.99 Inverter
34.99 Monitor
*144.99 Prime Axiom
16.99 Optifex Directive
Bare metal/ built
12.99 Algorithm Dispersion Optifex
Built/ painted better than tabletop standard
12.99 Algorithm Dispersion Optifex
Bare metal/unbuilt
*11.99 Attunement Servitor Unit
11.99 CoC Token Set
19.00 CoC Dice Set

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