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Let Sleeping Evil Lie: A Malifaux Story Encounter OFCC 2015

Guest Obscure Reference

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Guest Obscure Reference

Here is the Schedule for the Friday Story Encounter during OFCC.  The Encounter will be posted this Saturday.


Let Sleeping Evil Lie

A Malifaux Story Encounter

OFCC 2015


09:50- 10:20: Check IN

10:20- 10:30: Game One Set Up

10:30- 12:30: Game One

12:30- 13:30: Lunch

13:30- 13:40: Game Two Set Up

13:40- 15:00: Game Two

15:00- 15:10: Game Three Set Up

15:10- 17:10: Game Three

17:10: Awards 

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Guest Obscure Reference

Let Sleeping Evil Lie


Deep in the bayou, there is an area that the gremlins won’t go. A place so strange, not even the animals of the bayou stay in the area. For those brave enough, those that brave the journey there, they will find nothing more than a cabin. But in the cell of this run down cabin, there is a book, an ancient tome of years gone by. If you read it, legend states, a great power will be granted to you.


Let Sleeping Evil Lie is a three part story encounter, in which you and your opponent race to old cabin in the bayou in search of a tome to grant your crew great power, or will it?


Players should pick one faction to use for the length of the whole encounter, but crews may be switched out between encounters.


There are optional bonuses that might be gained for winning the encounters if you choose to use them.







Chapter One

Road to Damnation


In the deepest parts of the bayou, there is tale of a cabin. For those brave enough, it serves as a test of wits and courage. But there are some that know of the dark secrets the place holds and would rather not have anyone there at all.


Unconventional Terrain: Bogs


Game Size: 50ss

Game Time: 120min

Deployment: Standard

Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Assassinate, Vendetta, Power Ritual


Set up

Place 5 30mm Trail Markers along the centerline. One is placed at the center of the table. Then, two more are placed on the centerline 6" away from the center of the table (one on each side). Lastly, two more are placed on the centerline 6" away from table's edge (one on each side).



During the Upkeep phase, each player, starting with the First Player, places a 50mm Strange Mist marker into play. These markers must be placed within the player’s own table half. Strange Mist marker are Ht5, Dense, and Hazardous.


Victory Points

A model may take a (1) Interact action to mark any Trail marker that is in base contact with the model. A Trail marker is only ever marked by the last Crew to interact with it, all previous marks are removed.


At the end of each Turn after the first a Crew earns 1 VP if it has marks to at least 2 Trail Markers.


Victory Bonus

The winner of this encounter gains a +flip to Initiative flips for the first three turns of the next encounter.

Chapter Two

The Mystery of the Cellar


After the crew made it to the cabin, after a run in with some rivals, they started to explore the place. One of the last places on the list was the cellar, but it too had to explored. Sometimes, things are better left alone.


Unconventional Terrain: Forbidden Text


Game Size: 35ss

Game Time: 80min

Deployment: Flank

Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Entourage, Frame for Murder


Set up

Place one Ancient Tome marker in the center of the table.


Special Rules

At the start of each turn after the first, any model within 6” of the Ancient Tome marker gains + flip to any Ca Actions equal to the current turn, up to +++ flip.


Victory Points

At the end of each Turn after the first a Crew earns 1 VP if it has 2 or more non-Peon models within 6" of the Ancient Tome Marker.


Victory Bonus

The winner of this encounter gains +flip to all Ca Actions for the first three turns on the next encounter.







Chapter Three

Violated by the Woods


Those in the cabin should have never read that tome they found. Reading the passage has woke up something, something evil. They only came here to test their will strenght, but have now sided with a great evil. Now the crew only have one thing on their mind and that is to escape!


Unconventional Terrain: Angry Trees (see below)


Game size: 50ss

Game time: 120 min

Deployment: Corner

Schemes: Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Spring the Trap, Take Prisoner



See Angry Trees below.


Angry Trees

Each player places two 50mm Angry Tree Marker within 6" of the centerline of the board. Angry Tree Markers are Ht 3, Impassable, Hazardous Terrain which deal 2/4/7 damage to any model which ends its activation within 2“ of an Angry Tree marker. Damage suffered from the Angry Tree ignore Armor. Any model suffering damage from an Angry Tree marker must pass a TN Wp 14 duel or gain the Deadite characteristic. Models with the Deadite characteristic count as an enemy model to all crews and can not be used to score VP. Any model which ends a move or push within 3" of an Angry Tree Marker must succeed on a TN 14 Wk duel or be pushed into base contact with the Angry Tree Marker.


Victory Points

At the end of the game, this Crew earns 1 VP for each of its Scheme Markers within 6" of the enemy Deployment Zone, to a max of 4 VP.  

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