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[H]30k Mechanicum/Dropzone Cmdr./Relic Knights/Wild West Exodus Lots [W] $$$ [eBay]


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I am moving soon and am trying to sell off hobby projects that I honestly won't get to do anything with in the near future. Most of these are auction style and are priced to move quickly. My eBay username is Bernard1216. Thanks for taking a look and let me know if you have any questions!


Lot#1: Mechanicum

12x Thallax (One multi-melta, three photon thruster, 8 lightning guns)

6x Castellax (Two multi-melta, two darkfire cannons, two mauler cannons)

3x Thanatar Siege Automata (cannon covers are included but not attached for ease of painting. Pinned for extra stability)

9x Myrmidon Destructors (Sect bundle, three of each weapon currently produced. Missing chest cables)

9x Myrmidon Secutors (Sect bundle, three sets of double bolters, double fusils, and double rad cleansers. Converted with necron arms to replace the original flimsy arms)

1x Archmagos Draykavac (Includes abeyant which is partially assembled. Mechendrites and weapon options provided)

1x Games Workshop Crusade case

The listing can be viewed here.


Lot#2: Dropzone Commander UCM

1x Rulebook (v1.1)

2x Plastic UCM starter sets(nos)

2x Sets of card terrain from two player starter set

2x Sets of dice/rulers from two player starter set

1x UCM Kodiak pack

2x UCM Eagle pack

2x UCM Albatross pack

2x UCM Seraphim pack

1x UCM Raven-A pack

1x UCM Raven-B pack

3x UCM Gladius pack

2x UCM Katana pack

1x UCM Falcon pack

1x UCM Archangel pack

2x UCM Scimitar pack

1x UCM Longbow pack

1x UCM Praetorians pack

1x UCM Sniper Team pack

1x UCM Command Deck

2x KR Multicase cardboard cases with UCM foam

Click here.


Lot#3: Battlefoam Wild West Exodus Outlaw Bag (Standard Loadout)

Click here.


Lot#4: WWE Mercenary Lot

1x Flowing River

1x Marcus Cunningham

1x K-Free

2x Dark Council (original sculpt)

1x Sun Totem

1x Zarelda Kincade

1x Hicks Kincade

1x Sierra Icarus

1x Jake Mattia

Click here.


Lot#5: WWE Kickstarter Ladies of the West LE (Full Set)

Click here.


Lot#6: WWE Union Army

1x Abe Lincoln

1x General Grant

1x General Grant alternate sculpt

1x Major Sherman

1x Captain Sheridan

1x Line Troop Hired Hands Set (10x models)

1x Armoured Guard Hired Hands Set (10x models)

1x Locust

4x Line Troop Heavy Weapon (3x rocket pod, 1x gatling gun)

Click here.


Lot#7: WWE Outlaw Army

1x Billy The Kid

1x Jesse James

1x Jesse James alternate sculpt

1x Johnny Ringo

1x Frank James

1x Apache Kid

1x Cole Younger

1x Missie Copelie

1x Rabecca Copelie

1x Raider Hired Hands Set (10x models)

2x Bandits Hired Hands Set (20x models)

3x Iron Horse

5x Bandit Heavy Weapon (2x four barrel shotgun, 3x sniper rifle)

1x Token Sprue

1x Template Set

Click here.


Lot#8: WWE Warrior Nation Army

1x Geronimo

1x Sitting Bull

1x Sitting Bull alternate sculpt

1x Sky Spirit

1x Walks Looking

1x Braves Hired Hands Set (10x models)

2x Scalpers Hired Hands Set (20x models)

2x Spirit Totem

4x Brave Heavy Weapon (1x spirit bow, 3x gatling gun. Missing one gatling gun card)

1x Great Elk

1x Token Sprue

1x Template Set

Click here.


Lot#9: Relic Knights Black Diamond Army

1x Black Diamond Faction Starter Battle Box

1x One Shot and Fritz (includes metal "Battle Pose")

1x Black Dragons Box (3 models)

1x Diamond Corps Box (5 models)

1x Diamondback

1x Harbonath the Void Reaper

1x Suspect 7 Box (3 models)

1x M8-Blitz Auto Tank

1x PC-9 Breaker Team

1x Amelial

4x Packs of random scenic base inserts

Click here.


Lot#10: Relic Knights Shattered Sword Army

1x Shattered Sword Faction Starter Battle Box

1x Boost Pack

1x Sebastian Cross and Rook

1x Swordsword Box (5 models)

2x Purifier Boxes (6 models)

1x Isabeau Durand

1x Candy and Cola

1x Paragons Box (2 models)

1x Cordelia Clean

3x Packs of random scenic base inserts

Click here.

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