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Club Championship Details and Date question

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Latest Draft I have of the rules to look at. 


The big question is when would you all like to do this? I am thinking to start in February. Seems like a good time to be done with Xmas and ready to get games in. Please discuss here or at the meeting next week, sadly I will still be in Seattle then.




Club Championship


The intent of the Club Championship is to crown a champion of gaming for the year. This event will encompass the majority of the types of games we play as a club. A short season followed by a tournament.


Each round players meet and play a game either determined by the club, randomly, or by the players.


The club championship will run for 3 months, typically in the spring. Two months for the regular season. The playoffs will take roughly a month, depending on participation.




Each player will start the season by ranking themselves in each game category from 1 to 5 using the following as a guide.


1- A category you play regularly and feel you have mastered.

2- A category you know quite well and feel you could teach most games

3. A category you have played and feel you can play without reading the rules too much.

4. A category you have only played a few times and would need to brush up on

5. A category where you have rarely or never played. A true beginner.


These will be used to determine the pairings for each round. The intent is to match up people with similarly skilled players. As with all things, rule number one here is to not be a tool, honestly rank yourselves to get a fun and fair game, not to game the system for an easy win. While this is a competition, we also want to have fun as a group.


The game categories suggested (See Appendix A for games and category suggestions):

  1. Long board games (4+ hours)

  2. Standard board games (1-3 hours)

  3. Short Filler card /board games (less than an hour)

  4. Card/ Deck-building  games

  5. Miniature skirmish games (20 models or less generally)

  6. Miniature Battle games


The players are tasked with determining the exact game, within the category, to play for that round. Games are not required to be on the game list in Appendix A, it is merely a guide to the categories. If you have a question about a game, contact the organizer.  If no consensus can be reached, the Organizer lead will determine the game by whatever method they deem fit, coin toss, battle royale, etc.


Multiplayer games are allowed to be played in any round if agreed on by each participant. In such case, the winner will be the player who scored the most points in such game between the two participants, even if they do not win the overall game. This may be murky for each game, contact the Organizer with questions before the round is played if possible.


Players will be tasked with playing at least one game in the category per round. Players are allowed to play more games if they wish, ie play best ⅔ or ⅗. If the players cannot agree, then only one game is played.


Each Round will take 2 weeks to complete. The season will consist of 4 rounds, taking roughly 2 months to complete. Each player is expected to be able to commit to at least one game session in each 2 week period.



The playoffs will determine the club champion. The number of players in the playoff will be determined by the overall number of participants. Typically this will be ½ or ¼ of the participants based on size. For example a 16 person season would aim for an 8 team playoff. A 32 person season would aim for 16 players as well.


16 players would be a single elimination round, with rounds lasting only 1 week. The aim would be to have the playoffs last roughly one month. Players who cannot play during the playoff week will need to get the approval of the tournament organizer or forfeit that week.


Games will be determined at the start of the playoffs by all participants in the league. The playoffs will use specific games, though each round will give opponents two choices to play. Each option will be from a different category than the other in the round. Some options may duplicate round to round.


For Example:

Round 1 Pick Warhammer 40k or Blood bowl

Round 2 Pick Twilight Imperium or Munchkin


Each tournament round needs to be witnessed by two individuals outside the game that belong to the club, though do not have to participate in the league. Should any questions arise about the legitimacy of the round, these individuals will help to give a witness account.


Appendix A


Game Categories and sample games


(Note: Some categories you may observe that are missing such as the RPG, modelling and painting. These are too difficult and subjective to determine a ‘winner.’ Such things should have their own event to determine)


Long board games (4+ hours)

(Can be played with multiple players, if one of the tournament players is not the winner, go by points scored)

  • Twilight Imperium

  • Decent

  • Star Wars Imperial Assault


Medium board games (1-3 hours)

(Can be played with multiple players, if one of the tournament players is not the winner, go by points scored)

  • Puerto Rico

  • Agricola

  • Kill Dr. Lucky

  • Hive


Short or Filler board/ card games (less than an hour)

  • Fluxx

  • Love Letter

  • Coup

  • Tsoro

  • Get Bit

Card/ Deck-building  games

  • Munchkin

  • Dominion

  • Star Realms

  • Dominion

  • Netrunner

  • Cocaine Cowboys


Miniature skirmish games (20 models or less)



-Blood Bowl



Miniature Battle games (Larger battles of over 20 models a side)

-Warhammer 40k

-Kings of War

-Battlefleet Gothic

-Warmachine / Hordes


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