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fow: fate of a nation, Israeli


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Goal: Assemble and paint up some of the flames of war Fate of a Nation items I have sitting around.


These are from the Battlefront Miniatures 15mm Fate of a Nation range.
1x Magach 2 or Magach 3 (two tanks) product code: aisbx01
2x Sho't or Centurion (two tanks) product code: aisbx02
2x M51 Isherman (two tanks) product code: aisbx03
The tanks are configured as such:
2x Magach 3 tanks with L7105mm gun
2x Sho't tanks L7 105mm gun
2x Centurion tanks with OQF 20 pdr gun
4x M51 Isherman 105mm D1504 gun

Colors used:

primer: NAPA Colorline grey automotive primer

base coat: airbrushed Vallejo Model Color 70.886 Green Grey


Fow foan stevem 20151122 IMG 2844

Fow foan stevem 20151122 IMG 2845



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