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Rose City Horus Heresy aka 30k

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This Sunday as WOW is closed for Mothers Day. SoRose City Horus Heresy will be meeting at Portland game store at 4pm-8pm for Horus Heresy 30k. They also have a beer and cider tap. this is open for any 30k player and those who want to learn about 30k.

The Portland Game Store
922 N Killingsworth St,
Portland, OR 97217

Thought of the day: Protect the loyal. Abandon the rest.


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Also note we normaly meet at WOW on Sundays at 4pm.



717 SE Main ST

Portland or

I'll be at GG playing 40k until 4pm, so I'll probably attend this Sunday(15th). Do I need to bring anything for this? Is their an entry fee?

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