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Victor's Wargame, Alyssa's Enfilade shakeout game, SAT, MAY 14


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Thanks to Victor and Alyssa for putting on an excellent historical battle and test run of this event that will be featured at ENFILADE! 2016.

Had a great time.

Want more.

Appreciate all the research, artistic energy and creative Game Mastering that made this a riveting, fun and learning experience!


Also am grateful for the venue, which took more resources to organize, but was quieter and more spacious than other spots in GG.


I could not stay for the entire battle, but the time that I had at the table left me with a taste for more.


And thanks to everyone at the table. Cooperative and competitive in a sociable mix. Congenial grognards, all!


If you missed this one, you should come to the next one. Check the GG calendar.

Even if the rules or historical match-up at the next event are not your thing, the people are worth meeting.



At Enfilade, this is the event listed in the PEL (Preliminary Events Listing):

Friday, 2 PM
AH-121 Watling Street
by Alyssa Faden, Bear Yourselves Valiantly, 4 hrs, Table E

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