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First bugs now robots, draft homebrew from /tg

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Triarch Stalker


Move 7"

Wounds 9

Save 4+

Bravery 10


>Ranged Weapons

Heat Ray R12" A1 [---see below---]

Heavy Gauss R24" A1 To Hit 3+ To Wound 2+ R-2 Dd6

Particle Shredder R12" [---see below---] To Wound 4+ R-1 D1


>Melee Weapons

Scythed Limb R2" A4 To Hit 4+ To Wound 3+ R-1 D2

Manipulator Limb R1" A2 To Hit 5+ To Wound 4+ R- D1



A Triarch Stalker squadron consists of any number of models. Each Triarch Stalker is armed with either a Heat Ray, a Heavy Gauss Cannon or a Particle Shredder. In addition, it repairs damage done to it with its Living Metal and can strike foe'S trying to close in on it with both its Scythed Limbs and Manipulator Limbs.



Living Metal: A Triarch Stalker regains d3 wounds during each of your hero phases.


Heat Ray: Pick a unit within 12" of this model. That unit suffers d3 Mortal Wounds. Units with 10 or more models suffer another d3 Mortal Wounds.


Particle Shredder: Pick a unit within 12" of this model and roll a dice for each model in that unit. For each 4+ that unit is hit once by this weapon.


Twin-linked: When attacking with the Heavy Gauss Cannon you may reroll failed rolls to hit of 1.




Think I'm getting a start collector box..

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