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Remember it is still a few months out' date=' especially the 40K stuff.

There are a lot of things in the pipeline before it. Deathwatch for example.[/quote']
I feel like this got kind of glossed over.

More Deathwatch! Are we gonna see Deathwatch Scouts? Kill Marines? Dreadnoughts?

What secrets do you still guard, Sad Panda! How bad is my wallet going to hurt for Deathwatch?!

It's not gonna bit a huge release, but enough. There's a pretty cool, very sleek dropship/flyer with an enormous Inquisition =I= as fuselage.

Probably builds more than one variant.

28mm Capt. Artemis is also a go, probably a single character clam pack.

Wow, this is the most specific you've ever been. Thanks. :)


From Sad Panda.

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Sad Panda - DakkaDakka

It's also correct that GW doesn't bother re-doing old Codex books, basically since Tau, as they consider 7th a lame duck rule set (there will still be rules for new miniatures, incl. campaigns, Codex Deathwatch, etc..).

Deathwatch miniatures in the boxed game are all mono-pose characters (think Space Hulk, except with normal bases). Sternguard rumors are nonsense. One is possibly the first dedicated Blood Ravens mini by GW (feel free to correct me there. My GW-history-fu is weak)?

Lots of cultists, a few pure genestealers, another new broodlord.

Multi-part kits later this year.

Hastings - Warseer (Feb 2015)

Originally Posted by drbored

So MAYBE Genestealers and/or Deathwatch
and POTENTIALLY Dark Angels
and PROBABLY Tzeentch


Not Maybe

Genestealer Cult




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